Soundscape for art installation ‘Mind the Gap’

Sound design for the art installation ‘Mind the Gap’ by Markus Benesch.
Mind the Gap is an art installation by architect Markus Benesch as part of the exhibition “Phönix in der Asche“.
It was on display on the Praterinsel in Munich, Germany, in 2010. Visitors can walk over an epoxy floor with geometric colourful shapes. When viewed from one particular angle, the perspective is just right so it looks like people are balancing on top of a digital landscape with endless depths beneath.

I created a dynamically generated, ever-changing soundscape, played through 5 speakers spread across the space. The sound illustrates the virtual landscape the visitor is navigating. It sounds as if small objects are dropping down into the depths, each time bouncing off the coloured blocks differently.

Made with Max/MSP.

Other dynamic soundscapes I made for art installations: “Our Product” which was on display during the 2015 Venice Biennale, “Anamazon – Into the Land” which was on display in 2018 in the Louisiana Museum of Modern art in Denmark.