Interaction Design Lead at Mirabeau/Cognizant

Until June 2020, I was the lead of 15 interaction designers at digital agency Mirabeau/Cognizant.

In this role, I was leading the interaction designers at Mirabeau, a group of talented and driven individuals. Parallel to that, I engaged in projects as design lead / creative consultant / principal interaction designer.

Mirabeau is a full-service digital agency with 16 years of experience in creating intuitive, personalised online solutions for demanding clients across the world, now as a part of Cognizant Digital Business.


I’ve worked with clients like Covantis, Nuon, Carnext, Ahrend, ING, Brunel, Pepsico and more, doing pitches, organising workshops, designing B2B platforms, setting up design systems, drafting a chatbot, defining design methods, writing project plans, creating prototypes, challenging stakeholders, envisioning a vision and structuring ideas to concepts and leading a team to realize them.

You want to see a list of tools? I don’t think the tools I use make me a better designer, but here it is:
The tools I use list of tools.