Prototyping & tool development

Prototyping and tool development for sound synthesis and interactive products.

Creating prototypes is a natural part of my design process. It allows users and myself to validate assumptions and experience ideas, sounds and interaction concepts in context. Getting feedback from users and making a product better in iterations is more effective than trying to solve everything at once.

Interaction prototype

Small, high fidelity interaction prototype showcasing how animation is used to make clear to the user that changing a date reorders a list. Imagine how this would be without animation: the list would just instantly reorder, meaning the user easily loses track of what happened.

Made with Origami.

Sound tool

Splinefade v1.1 screenshot-png

Tool to create spline-based volume envelopes in sound files. Made with Max/MSP.

This stretches from the digital realm into the physical world, including basic electronics and modelling.

Physical prototype

Ring light prototype

Prototype for a photography ring light.