About me

I am Emar Vegt, Master of Industrial Design specialised in interactive sound design and interaction design, currently leading about fifteen interaction designers and leading the design tracks in several projects at Mirabeau, a Cognizant Digital Business.
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With ten years of experience in solving real user problems through design, I feel most at home figuring out the best design approach for intricate challenges with many sides and stakeholders in the cross-section of people, design and technology. I embrace complexity and go deep to fully understand a problem so the solution can be simple for users.
I adapt to new situations quickly, learning what needs to be learned and exploring what is unclear through experimentation and prototyping. I set out strategies, define the approach to reach project goals with a team and other stakeholders and make sure the team stays on track. My eyes are on the longer term goals and quality of the smallest results at the same time.

My personal interest is in the combination of senses in the design of interactive products, especially in the integration of sound in design.


In a majority of today’s interactive products, the emphasis is on the visual channel. No wonder, our eyes can gather a tremendous amount of information. In many cases however, there are so many visual impulses that the visual channel becomes overburdened. Using other modalities, such as auditive or tactile ones, results in a more balanced distribution of information, making better use of our sensorial capabilities. If information that is not necessarily visual is communicated otherwise, the things that do need to be visual can receive our full attention.

I have specialised in multi-sensorial interaction design, with a particular focus on sound. Sound design is a part of that, but it involves more – that’s why I have always named my interest “sound (in) design”. Sound in interaction design, or even better, the combination of sound and other senses in interaction design, is what I focussed on during the Industrial Design Master’s course at Eindhoven University of Technology.