About me

I am Emar Vegt, Master of Industrial Design specialised in interactive sound design and interaction design, currently working as an interaction design lead at Mirabeau.

I am a hardworking and motivated designer with an open mind to design challenges and solutions in the cross-section of design, user and technology. I am flexible, quickly adapting to new situations. I am eager to learn something new and I like to experiment and create working prototypes. I can be a perfectionist, and though I work best in a team, I am able to plan and work individually as well.

My personal interest is in the combination of senses in the design of interactive products, especially in the integration of sound in design.


In a majority of today’s interactive products, the emphasis is on the visual channel. No wonder, our eyes can gather a tremendous amount of information. In many cases however, there are so many visual impulses that the visual channel becomes overburdened. Using other modalities, such as auditive or tactile ones, results in a more spread out distribution of information, making better use of our sensorial capabilities and relieving stress on the visual channel. If information that is not essentially visual is communicated otherwise, the things that do need to be visual can receive our full attention.

I have specialised in multi-sensorial interaction design, with a special focus on sound. Sound design is a part of that, but it involves more – that’s why I have always named my interest “sound (in) design”. Sound in interaction design, or even better, the combination of sound and other senses in interaction design, is what I focussed on during the Industrial Design Master’s course at Eindhoven University of Technology.